Our curriculum is based on the EYFS the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, which provides a stimulating programme individually adapted to your child. Children will develop at their own pace and each child’s development is closely monitored and the curriculum is applied accordingly.

The EYFS is built around three prime areas: communication and language; physical development; and personal, social and emotional development four specific areas: literacy; mathematics; understanding the world; and expressive arts and design.

Communication and language

Your child will be provided a rich language environment and many opportunities to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves.

Physical development

With Turnham Green Park just across the road, children are offered many opportunities to be active, to develop their coordination and movement. All children from Fairyland Nursery all wear high visibility vests.

Personal, social and emotional development

You child will develop their social skills; learn to form positive relationships with others, children and adults; to manage their feelings and other’s ones; to grow with confidence and respect. As your child grows, and develops their love of learning, the curriculum brings in more specific skills:


Your child will be encouraged to look at books and listen to stories, poems and other materials to develop their curiosity, vocabulary and speech


The children develop their skills in understanding and using numbers, counting, understanding shapes and spaces.

Understanding the world

It is important that the children understand the world around them. They are giving many opportunities to observe, explore, ask questions. 

Expressive arts and design

Your child is given a range of material to explore and share their feelings and stories with painting, colouring, sculpting, messy play etc.

Early Years profile

Each child has a personal Early Years profile to assess their progress. Progress will be demonstrated through observations, photographs and sometimes drawings or pieces of ‘work’.

Individual Planning

Your child has their own planner for their individual needs and this is reviewed throughout the term. This planner is taken from observations and your child’s interests and you will be asked for feedback, as well as to sign the individual planner. We will allow new children to settle and observe them before creating an individual plan.

Learning Journey

All children have a learning journey documenting their development. This is related to the children’s individual plan and observations of your child.


Progress Check at Age Two

Between the age of two and three the key person will review the progress of the children, by completing the EYFS ‘Learning and Development Summary – Two-Year-Old Check’. They will write a small written summary in the prime areas and discuss with parents who will add their comments. This progress check will identify the child’s strengths or potential concerns. Our team will develop a targeted plan to support children and will liaise when necessary with parents and professionals.