Our Caterpillar room is our baby room. Here, we care for children from the age of 3 months up to an age where they are mobile. 

The room is lit with an abundance of natural light and is designed in open plan format, offering a home away from home environment. The room is equiped with a dedicated milk kitchen with sterilizing equipment and each child has their own individual bottle & water beaker.

We have a dedciated sleep area for the babies to rest and sleep during the day in our specially chosen 'Dream Coracles' (click here to view video) as opposed to traditional cots. Each child has their own set of sheets which are cleaned daily.

The practicionter to baby ratio in our Caterpillar room is 1:3 and we can accomodate a maximum of 16 children. At full capacity we have a minimum of 6 qualified practitioners who have been specifically selected based on their experience as well as their kind, calm and mothering nature.

Recourses in this room include a wide range of natural heuristic play objects, a variety of different textures to extend your babies interest and encourage them to explore. We offer a range of messy play activities and encourage each child to take part.