Our butterfly room is our pre-school room, caring for children aged 3 years and above. We can accomodate a maximum of 16 children in this room following a teacher to child ratio of 1:8. At full capacity we have 3 fully qualified practitioners who have experience in mainstream pre-schools and have a particular interest in children’s learning, child development and preparing them for school.

We encourage children-led activities and independence in our Butterfly room. In this room we focus on the 7 areas of learning and the room is specifically resourced and set up to ensure the children are stimulated and challenged, whilst learning through play and having fun. We encourage each child to develop thier confidence and independence. 

Daily activities include practicing to write their name, learning letters and sounds and even learning to dress themselves.

Outdoor trips are taken daily for children to explore nature as well as experience real life experiences inclduing trips to the park, the nearby Chiswick Library, shops and local places of interest.